Žanis Lipke Memorial

 Žanis Lipke Memorial

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Address: Mazais Balasta dambis 8, Rīga (see map below)

The Žanis Lipke Memorial is dedicated to the memory of Žanis Lipke, who during the Second World War saved over 50 Jews from death by hiding them in a specially designed bunker under his shed. The memorial building was designed so that it would as closely as possible represent the living conditions of people in hiding. Here you will also find the life stories of those saved by Lipke. The memorial allows you to picture the situation where just over 70 years ago people were ready to risk their lives just to save others. Since the original bunker was situated quite near the reconstructed one, the exhibition gives an almost perfect feel of events 70 years ago.

The Žanis Lipke Memorial will not leave you indifferent — the interior is designed so that visitors will get a sense of the conditions in which rescued Jews were living. Chinks in the planks allow only for weak daylight, the wood gives out deep echoes at every step — the architecture and interior alone gives sufficient reason to visit the Žanis Lipke Memorial.

Location: The Žanis Lipke Memorial is located in Ķīpsala, just a twenty-minute walk from Riga centre. The memorial building stands at the very centre of Ķīpsala’s wooden architecture. There is a wonderful view to the silhouette of the Old Town across the River Daugava, and a magnificent peace and silence which you will never find in the city centre.

The following tour times are available for booking: 13:00;  14:00;  15:00;  16:00.

To register your participation, e-mail: esil.culture@rgsl.edu.lv