Jean-Marc Sauvé

Vice President | Council of State of France

Jean-Marc Sauvé has been vice-president of the Conseil d’Etat since 2006. He is also president of the panel set up by article 255 of the TFUE, in charge of giving advice on candidates' suitability to perform the duties of EU judges.

In 2012, he was elected president of the ACA-Europe (Association of the Councils of State and Supreme Administrative Jurisdictions of the European Union).

In 1977, after he graduated from the Ecole nationale d’Administration, Mr. Sauvé was appointed to the Conseil d’Etat. In 1981, he became an assistant to the Minister of Justice and then held senior positions in the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of the Interior. From 1995 to 2006, he was Secretary General of the Cabinet Office.

Areas of interest: administrative law, constitutional law, European law, comparative law