Constitutional Court of the Republic of Latvia

The idea on the necessity of an institution, which would protect the Satversme (the Constitution), was first expressed by the Member of the Saeima - Pauls Šīmanis in 1930 in his Article “Eight Years of the Constitution of Latvia”. On 8 May 1934, furthering the above idea, the Member of the Saeima, Hermanis Štegmanis submitted a motion to supplement the Constitution with Article 86.1, which envisaged establishment of a special State Court. However, this motion did not receive the required majority of votes.

At the time, when the independent and democratic State of Latvia was restored, the necessity of the Constitutional Court was not questioned. It was mentioned also in the Declaration of 4 May 1990 “On the Restoration of Independence of the Republic of Latvia”, adopted by the Supreme Council. However, the Law “On Judicial Power” – adopted on 15 December 1992 – stated that a Constitutional Supervision Chamber within the body of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Latvia and not a special institution should be established. It was never done.

9 December 1996 can be considered to be the birthday of the Constitutional Court, when those four of the confirmed justices of the Constitutional Court, who had not worked as judges before, swore the oath of the justice

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